Elevating the Workplace Culture with an Expanding Remote Team

by Jody Ordioni

Elevating the Workplace Culture with an Expanding Remote Team

As most workplaces went remote, and continue to do so, employers are at their wit’s end to understand how to keep the company culture rolling. While it is difficult to bind remotely working employees under an umbrella framework, it is not impossible. Here are some short tips that are efficient, nonetheless, and will help you elevate the company culture:

Communication, Collaboration, Creativity

If the people cannot participate in the culture, the culture has to reach them. Find out innovative ways of fostering a sense of community, within the team. Assess the tools and resources that the company can provide to the employees.

Bring Examples to the Front

Wherever you see company values coming to life in practice, ensure to highlight that example. Observe how the values impact the day-to-day of the employees and try to emulate the same in remote working.

Impact of Origin Story

Since the organizations are moving to a remote framework, a lot of employees might feel disconnected from their company. This is the time to reiterate how your company started and how it has reached the height it has today.

Make Virtual Onboarding Seamless

Remote work is daunting but starting a new job remotely is tougher. Assign sponsors to new recruits, so that can connect to the culture of the company and have much-needed guidance during the first few days.

Walk the Talk

Consistently aligning your actions with the values of the company will elevate the company culture. If you cannot match your words with your actions, the employees will quickly lose faith in the company.

Forming True Bonds

Remote work is isolating, and culture is all about creating a sense of belongingness among the employees. Encourage your employees to move beyond business talk or simply communicating for a project.

Team Work to Build Culture

While building the company culture, it is better to involve the various teams in the process. They can reflect on the culture they want and help in the process. It will also help to bring the teams closer, as they sit together and weigh in on important issues.

Mentor Programs

Employees who show potential for leadership skills are perfect to assume the role of mentors towards new hires. Design mentorship programs where trained employees can take on the role of guiding new employees.

Don’t Lose Control of the Team

Even though the team is spread across locations, the presence of a leader should always be felt. The leaders are the cohesive factor, holding the team together. As your culture becomes more dynamic, ensure that leaders are actively engaging with the teams and paying attention to the new hires. Connect with the employees beyond the professional level and watch your culture grow.

Sharing Your Culture

Remote work affords the possibility of connecting workers from various parts of the world. This can be positively utilized as a team-building exercise. Remote teams can hold lunches remotely, wherein they can talk about their cultural heritage or childhood memories related to the food.

Making Work Enjoyable

To engage employees dispersed across locations, leaders have to come up with creative methods, in between the mundane work. Creative contact points, such as fun days and virtual learning opportunities, will help to retain the interest of the employees in the company. moreover, by paying attention to employees, you will make them feel valued.

Show Willingness to Learn Always

Cultural changes in the organization have to occur at the top first. Leaders need to be willing to learn new ways in which they can communicate with their teams or provide them better resources. With remote work, especially, employees should always have something new to look forward to. Systems of review should also consider the difficulty of remote work.

The Bottom Line

Remote work is hard for everyone and it is easier to feel disconnected from the company. The role of a leader then is to facilitate communication to connect, and not as a transaction. Finding meaningful collaborative methods, that make the employees feel valued, will definitely help boost the established culture of the company.

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