How to Use Company Culture to Engage New Hires?

by Jody Ordioni

Companies are finding it more difficult to find appropriate candidates for the jobs they have to offer and retain the employees. Company culture can be utilized effectively to engage employees. Companies that devote the time and effort to create a unique and positive company culture can see the changes reflected in the experience of their employees.

Employees don’t need to be working for a long time in the company to have a good experience. The experience begins with the recruitment process itself. Breaking the boundaries of conventional recruiting can be a method of showcasing your unique company culture, thereby allowing you to find employees that fit into your culture. 

Employee Stories Need to Shine

Understanding how an organization works can be daunting for new hires but if they gain insight from senior employees, the task can be more engaging. This insight can come through sharing experiences of current employees by compiling them into a general handbook that can be given during the onboarding process. This book can define the culture of the company in an employee’s own words. Anyone who wishes to gain an insight into your company culture can do so via this book. The main thrust of this book should be to showcase why employees like to work at your organization particularly. The unfiltered nature of the book brings forth an honest version of the company. Authenticity in today’s age is appreciated much more than any constructed image you might want to put forward during recruitment.

Getting to Know Everyone in Less Formal Settings

Managers worry whether new hires and older employees would gel well within professional settings or not. However, camaraderie and friendship do not foster in boardrooms. Instead, have the new recruits meet everyone in less formal settings such as coffee shops or team-building activities. The initial stages are impactful for both sides of the equation. Therefore, making it interesting and fun makes a memorable introduction of new hires to the rest of your teams. Work and personal life are becoming more entwined nowadays. The two worlds should intermingle while still retaining the balance.

Do Not Overwhelm New Hires with Feedbacks/Tests Immediately

New hires join the workspace, excited about their jobs and buzzing to get to know their positions. It is not advisable to overwhelm them by taking a test on the first day itself and showing them that their position is precarious or that they have to repeatedly prove their intelligence by passing tests. Their emotional investment in the company should not be all for naught. Most companies are limiting tests to only the recruitment process, so if your company program isn’t up to date you need to conduct a revaluation soon.

Practice What You Preach

Your core values dictate and guide the behavior of the employees within the space of the office. Thus, if there is a motto that your company lives by, then it is not sufficient to just put up posters of it on the walls, it should reflect in the everyday working of the organization. Why should this matter to the new recruits? Because this implies that they are people who can alter their behavior and their aspirations matters to the company too. It shows a more humanistic approach in the working of the organization, in contrast to the mechanical depiction that most employees carry within their minds.

The Bottom Line

Company culture is a way for any organization to express and define their attitude and approach to everyday life at work. It is necessary to engage the employees with the company, especially if you wish to hook in new hires. More often than not, employees remain loyal to that job which provides the environment for growth- both professional and personal; your company’s culture should reflect the opportunities for growth.

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