Is Your Company Culture Leading to Happy Customers?

by Jody Ordioni

Is Your Company Culture Leading to Happy Customers?

Treating employees right might seem like a widely adopted practice, but it is surprising how many companies fail to implement this caveat. The link between the experience of employees and their direct impact on customer experience is understood. If the employees are not happy, they will not care about the company or the customers. A few tricks to ensure a great employee experience are:

Treat Employees Similar to Customers

Each company focuses on customers as their top priority at a corporate level. However, if customers are placed high in the hierarchy, leaders should not forget that employees are also a valuable asset, if not the most valuable. Leaders, at every level, have the responsibility to create an experience for their employees that is similar to the customers. This employee experience is necessary for decreasing turnover rates and attracting new talent as well. Companies have to create a lasting impact on the professional life of the employees.

Importance of Company Culture

Company culture is the foundation stone on which the structure of the company is built. Thus, it is necessary to create a positive employee experience. The company culture should focus on values such as honesty, trust, collaboration, communication and transparency. These behavioral traits should be the edict of the company, and the employees should emulate these characteristics. The manner in which the employees treat their colleagues is how they will also treat the customers of the company. Therefore, solid company culture is not beneficial to the employees only but is also good for the company's image.

Physical Space is Equally Important

Another important, yet overlooked aspect of the employee experience is the physical space available to them and the tools that make their experience easier. If employees do not feel safe in their workplace or are crammed into a tiny space, uncomfortably, then their experience is certainly going to be unpleasant. Also, it is important to help employees achieve unique feats by providing them access to the latest technology and processes that enable effective work. When the conditions for employees are premium, the service provided to customers would also be seamless and effective.

Leaders Require Training as Well

In order to establish a workplace wherein the employees are at the center, the leaders also need to be trained. Leaders should treat each employee equitably, fairly, and above all, kindly. When the employees are happy, it leads to an increase in productivity, which is profitable for the company. The training that is given to the leaders should coach them to listen effectively and respond to questions transparently. Empathy is another necessary trait that leaders should inculcate to become better. If the employees do not trust their leaders, they cannot trust the company and would rather leave it than be unhappy.

Treat Employees as Individual Beings

To treat employees fairly, they have to be seen as individuals first. If any restrictions are to be implemented, as a response to an individual's behavior, the concerned individuals should bear the brunt of it on a one-to-one basis. Similarly, employees should be rewarded, or empowered on the basis of their individual track records, role, and experience. This shows them that their contributions are acknowledged and valued. Moreover, it is a great way to show the employees that the company trust them to make decisions that are beneficial to their customer base.

Consider the Person as a Whole

People are neither limited nor beholden to their jobs. They are rounded individuals who have families, hobbies, emergencies and health issues. The more you can help them navigate their personal and professional life in tandem, the more you can show them that they are valued as human beings. This shows your employees that you do not view them as machines performing a task, rather, as an indispensable part of the system. Their well-being matters to you. Moreover, you can ask your employees to deliver above and beyond the expected only when you are willing to do the same.

The Bottom Line

For a company to be customer-centric, they have to be employee-centric first. If utilized properly, your employees can become the greatest advocates for your brand. This lends a competitive advantage to your company that contributes to a better customer base as well.

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