Tips to Create a Career Path for Your Employees

by Jody Ordioni

Tips to Create a Career Path for Your Employees

Usually, in a larger workplace, approximately half of the employees do not feel adequate growth opportunities in their chosen career path. Sadly, the situation is not any good for the other half too. They are not sure about what their career or promotion path is. Wish to take remedial action for both these problems? Establish a career development plan for your employees.

Do you need a Career Development Plan?

Before we get on to the intricacies, let us start by saying - Yes, you need a career development plan. A recent study found that 69 percent of non-millennials and 87 percent of millennials aspire for career or professional growth and development opportunities. The sad truth is that even though the employers know that employee development is quintessential, not all of them are actively working towards it.

Why is it so Important?

Now that we are pushing the need for having a career path, why do you think it is so important? Well, having a career plan for the team can help a company achieve a lot of things, such as:

How to Create a Career Path for Employees?

Here are some tips that can help you establish a unique career development plan for your employees.

Conduct a thorough Research

As an employer, you may not always be aware of the type of training and degree needed for every position. That is absolutely fine. You do not have to have complete knowledge of every career path or position. However, it is not that you cannot know. Perform a little research when you begin the formation of the career development plan. Every job has a different standard path, and you need to be aware of the same.

Take Employee's Input

Usually, your employees are aware of their wants and needs. Most of them are familiar with what they seek from their job and professional growth. You may be in a better position than them, but they are the master of their specific field.

Thus, it is necessary to get their input. You can fix a time to communicate with your employees as to what they expect from their job. It can be done while you conduct a performance review. Enquire them about their career goals, the projects they feel most passionate about, whether they are interested in taking up new responsibilities, and feel the need to get some training for the same. Finally, ask them what they expect of you.

Based on their answers, you can consider your employees' strengths and determine how they can help you achieve your company's core goals. The idea is to take both of these together.

Define Individual Career Paths

Once you are through with the research and have communication with your employees, you can now develop an individual career path for every position and team member. It is crucial to document everything. It will help you keep things on track for your current staff and save you time for future hiring.

After you create a personalized career path, sit down with your employees one more time, and discuss how you can reach that goal. Is any additional training needed for them to reach the ultimate goal position? Is there a specific amount of money they need to spend before they advance in their career? It always gives your employees clarity on what they need to do to progress in their career path.

Conduct Performance Reviews Twice a Year

Once you have decided on the career paths, the next step is to manage them. There is no better way to find out about employee performance than conducting a semi-annual performance review. However, before you execute a review, ask your employees to put forth everything they have learned so far and some new things they want to learn. If they need any additional training to achieve their goals, help them with it. The performance review is also essential to move the employees to a better position if they are continually doing good work.

Use a Software

To ensure that you and your employees are on the same page, you can use performance management software. It can help you document the career paths, performance reviews, and employee progress. You can have your employees fill in the weekly report to help you see what they have done so far and what they will be doing in the coming weeks.

Over to You

It is a simple five-step process, and if employed well, it can simplify your task and define personalized career paths for all your employees. Always bear in mind the success of your organization depends directly or indirectly on your employees' success.

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