Tips to Maintain Your Company Values Regardless of The Growth

by Jody Ordioni

Tips to Maintain Your Company Values Regardless of The Growth

For most entrepreneurs, the primary aspect of starting their business had a lot to do with the work culture that they want to establish and work in. However, as the business grows and scales, it becomes hard for them to maintain the same values that they started with. So, what can you do to ensure that your company still adheres to its original values even as you progress?

Carve a Culture of Communication and Transparency

Everyone seeks open and transparent communication. There will be better relationships both on the inside and outside in a company where there is absolute transparency and seamless communication. If an organization has operational transparency, they will naturally have more satisfied and happier employees. On the other hand, in an organization where the workers have zero insight on what is happening within the organization, they will not feel connected to their workspace.

You can find transparency in many different forms. However, one of the best ways for the management to do this, is by explaining to their team members the rationale behind every decision. So, regardless of how big or small the decision is at the managerial level, if it has any impact on the employees and the workforce, they should be made aware. Every employee is interested in knowing more than just their duties. They want to know why they are doing what they are doing and how their tasks will add value to the company.

Organizations can also adopt some employee engagement tools, such as Slack, which facilitates intra-office communication. It makes it easy for employees to connect across different departments. At all times, companies must encourage the employees to put forth their constructive and honest feedback. If an employee feels that their voice is heard and valued, they will feel connected to the organization.

Celebrate Every Little Achievement

Management is usually of the belief that if the employees had an option to change one thing about their job, they would opt for a raise over anything. Seems obvious, right? How would you feel if we tell you this is not true? One thing that almost every employee seeks from his job is recognition. Yes, that is the one key thing that every employee expects from the organization. Make them feel that their hard work is valued and thank them for it.

A prominent survey found that more than 50 percent of employees say that they would not mind staying longer at their organization if they had a little more appreciation from their management. Another conclusion derived from the same study was that approximately 81 percent of the surveyed individuals believed that anytime their management showed even the littlest bit of motivation for their work, they were only motivated to work harder.

Thus, the fact of the matter is that motivation is a vital factor in whether or not people are content with the job. Surprisingly, for many people, appreciation, acknowledgment, and gratitude from the management hold more weightage than money.

If you wish to keep your employees motivated and persistently have good company morals, you should celebrate your employees publicly and reward them for the work they do. However, the celebration should not be curtailed to more significant and more important things, such as closing a deal or finishing the assigned task in time or bringing a new lead on-board. Instead, it would be best if you celebrated every individual employee who spent their time or energy, helping you move closer to meeting your organization's goal.

You can do this either via in-person meetings, Zoom, Slack, or even email. Though free, it is one of the most valuable things for your employees.

Have Some Company-specific Traditions

Every company must have some specific traditions that are unique to them. These traditions do not define you but will unite you as a company. It can be something as simple as eating lunch together or doing a 5-minute workout every morning or evening. It is an easy and fun way to unite your workforce. Though low key, these group activities help lighten up the things within the organization.

The Bottom Line

Creating a positive workspace takes a lot more than just keeping your employees happy. It is good for the company and the workers. When a worker works in a happy and positive workspace, he performs better. So, investing in culture is primarily an investment in the success of the company.

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