Methods to Maintain a Steady Company Culture When Leadership Changes

by Jody Ordioni

When a significant leader leaves the company, it creates a hole which makes difficult the sustenance of productivity and positivity. If an efficient leader takes leave of the company, then you know how much of a cultural shift it can cause.

The transition might be turbulent, but it can lead to successful outcomes if the new leadership takes up the task of maintaining and building upon the established culture. The following tips have been amassed from the expertise of industry leaders driving the success of big companies.

Emphasize Already Established Values

The leadership often looks over the fact that their action set precedence for the employees. when executive leaders leave, the employees look up to the remaining leaders for direction. Reiterate and emphasize the values that you have built. It sends out the message that the constructed culture has left along with the departing leaders.

Clear Communication with Employees

The stakeholders must reassure the faith of the people in the mission and vision of the organization. Clarity in communication will keep expectations on track. The process of change would entail recruitments, for which the employees have to be prepared, so that the company culture does not derail.

Address Arising Anxiety

Employees gain trust during this process of turbulence only when there is transparency within the company and a safe space to express their concerns and anxieties. By reminding the employees about the core values and strengths, you can immerse them in the established company culture again. This will provide the company with a common vision and purpose to work for.

Realizing Why Your Culture Works

If the vacancy of a leader sidetracks the culture in an impactful way, then there has been some misdirection in the culture of the organization. Your culture should detail not only what it considers valuable but also recognize what makes it successful. If his ideology is established well in the culture then it does not matter whether any employee leaves. The remaining employees can uphold the culture because they know their success depends on it.

End on a Positive Note

When a leader leaves the company, it will inevitably lead to an assortment of questions. The question that always wriggles its way towards the end is whether the situation would be handled with dignity and respect? Rarely do people stay in the same job for the entirety of their professional career. However, the mark of a good leader is their handling of the closure process. The leaving employee should leave on a positive note and not with bitter feelings.

Make Your Presence Felt

When the reins of leadership are unsteady it becomes imperative that existing executives make their presence distinctly known. It is their responsibility to become more accessible and nurture channels of communication with other employees. The presence of a superior during changes assures the employees that the culture is consistent even if leadership is not. It is of utmost importance that employees do not panic and flout the boundaries of a well-established culture.

Promoting Existing Employees If Possible

If there are employees within the company who can take charge as leaders then they should be promoted to fill the vacant spots, in a hierarchal manner. They are well acquainted with the culture of the company and are the best shots to sustain and propagate it with enthusiasm. Taking such a route to develop the talent present in the company makes possible a sustainable and capable approach, to the depth of the organization.

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