Positive Company Culture with Remote Teams

by Jody Ordioni

Naysayers will tell you that creating a positive company culture with a team in remote position is a Herculean task. Yet what many people are mistaken about is the fact that to create an office culture you don’t necessarily have to be in the space of an office. A functional company culture is not only limited to coffee breaks and ping-pong matches.

Aspects of worker experience such as employee loyalty, job satisfaction, and work performance are not impacted by the presence of a physical location. It doesn’t matter whether you have ten employees or ten thousand remote employees, creating a supportive culture for them to thrive is important for the success of any company.

Knowledge Sharing is Important

Sharing knowledge with employees working remotely can establish bonds and help people grow. However, even with all the tech available at hands, many remote employees are unaware about the happenings in their organization.

To do so, one has to stop paying attention to the individual and start focusing on the team. Remote employees have to work together to get required results. Structures or infrastructures that promote collaboration should be made accessible.

Employees Gain Through Feedback

Any employer should not shy away from delivering feedback. It might be an emotional task and might make the atmosphere awkward but it is a necessary activity for the employees. Offering sincere feedback, especially with remote employees, helps to create a positive company culture. This will lead to low turnover rates, more employee engagement, and high motivational levels.

One method of conducting reviews is to do them on a short-term basis rather than waiting for a year end review. Employees tend to remember recent happenings more rather than envision the whole year at the end. Help your employees by setting realistic goals for them, which can help them visualize how their work contributes to the image of the company.

Get to Know Your Employees

Creating a sense of unity with a team that is inherently displaced can be a difficulty-ridden task. However, channels of communication can be created by initiating traditions with the team, which leads to a cohesive and cooperative unit. One way can be holding video chat sessions for the whole team. It can help replace the face-to-face interaction that the employees won’t otherwise get.

Do not limit these sessions to work-related topics but also get to know each other’s hobbies and customs. These virtual breaks can be used to socialize and breed familiarity within the team. Another way can be to physically meet, at least once a year, for a weekend retreat. It can provide personal interaction for a team that is distanced due to their remote positions.

Cast Aside Difference and Utilize Skills

Amassing a diverse team of varied talents is the secret recipe to creating a positive company culture. Diversity is not only limited to gender, age, ethnicity, and religion but also include the diversity in thinking and experiences that people have acquired. Studies on the subject unanimously conclude that diverse teams perform better than homogenous groups.

87% of the time, having a diverse team leads to better decision making. Moreover, the decisions taken by these teams yield better results at least 60% of the time. Companies can only thrive in a competitive world if they construct a positive work culture that knows the value of diversity.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, any organization that strives for a positive company culture reaps the benefits too, in the form of employee loyalty, more engagement from employees and higher levels of morale within the organization.

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