3 Key Steps to Foster a Strong Company Culture

by Jody Ordioni

Though a huge paycheck may be one of the major impetuses that drive an employ, a wise employer understands that it is not the sole reason an employ stayed loyal to and satisfied in a company. Employees now also consider factors such as the vision of the company aligning with their personal values and the overall work environment and culture of the company.

A positive work culture helps to foster a wholesome growth of the employee. Not only is a strong company culture a beneficial deal in the current stress-ridden environment, but it also supports the continuity and builds the integrity of your business.

Here are some dynamics you can look into to start building a strong company culture-

Communication is Key

The company culture mirrors the mission and vision of your society. As your employees are the mouth-piece for your company, they are the key to making any venture succeed. The first step is identifying what working culture works best for your company and then ensuring that the employees are up-to-date with the happenings.

Subsequently, you can start by outlining the mission, beliefs, values, and standards of the company. However, to successfully integrate them into the company, you need to reiterate them through verbal and written words of communication and convey them through actions.

An old and tested marketing formula, the Rule of Seven, suggests that for your message to be seen, heard, and believed, it needs to be repeated seven times. This then motivates them to take action. Even though this number is not set in stone, there is a semblance of truth in this adage.

In this context, the Rule of Seven means that employees will not inculcate the culture of the company if it is merely repeated a few times casually. Your employees need to hear the stringent implementation of this culture from you, for them to take it seriously.

Follow the Leader

The leader has to take the first step to initiate a positive working culture in their company. Everyone follows the boss. A good leader connects with their own self, others, and the world. It might be a tad bit tenuous for a leader to practice what they preach, in terms of integrity. A large bridge can often be seen between the words and actions.

However, a continuous string of disparities will result in the downhill spiral of the company. Leadership hypocrisy is not only prevalent but also creates a toxic work environment that leads to disgruntled employees, who ultimately leave the company. The good news though is that such a crisis is avoidable if you follow through the given advice-

Expectations - Do you follow through with the same advice you give to your employees? Employees deserve to be treated as respected peers in the company. Therefore, abuse of power or authoritarian hegemony should be avoided.

Workplace Culture - The mission, vision, and ideals of the company need to be clearly imparted to the employees.

The well-being of Employee First

Any source of contention in an employee’s personal life directly translates into difficulties in the workplace. This can lead to an impact on their performance and hinder their professional growth. The problem can be as minuscule as over-reacting to any inconvenience due to lack of sleep to deep-seated mental stress.

Your employees are not machines that can work mechanically without letting their emotions take control from time to time. Therefore, it might be a sensible step to induct wellness programs to motivate and engage the employees, helping them strives in all areas of their life.

The crux of the argument demanding a positive working culture for employees is that happy employees help the company thrive in a cutthroat world.

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