Employee Engagement- A Way to Boost Your Company’s Success

by Jody Ordioni

If you run a company, you know that for making it a success you need to engage your most valuable resource first- your employees. You can aid your employees in developing skills and talents to attain their future goals and thereby, contribute to the broader vision of the company. If your employees are happy, your company can shine too. Yet, the survey methods of yesteryears are not an accurate depiction of the modus operandi of modern-day employees. Neither does it reflect what they need and desire from the company. With changing times, the methods for employee engagement must also evolve.

By gaining an understanding of employee engagement in real-time, a company can achieve immediate positive results. Here are some methods to gain an insight into boosting your employee engagement and also taking your company to greater heights.

Don’t Let Molehills Become Mountains

Say you have a deadline to meet and suddenly a problem tackles you from your blindside? What do you do? Do you wait and let it stew overnight or do you jump at once to mediate the issue? Put a bandage on it as fast as you can otherwise the roots might solidify and escalate the tension. You have to keep checking the temperature of the situation- it is like watching milk boil, you can’t avert your eyes or it might spill over. If you are wondering why your employee retention or sales are suddenly slipping, you might want to check for a problem that has been ignored for far too long now.

Empathy and Trust Go Hand-in-Hand

The growth and improvement, of both the employee and the leaders, is majorly due to feedbacks. You should always strive to make the process of feedback a two-way street in your company. Communication should not be forced rather an atmosphere that allows free flowing conversation and constructive criticism is what you benefit from. An open system of communication allows you to pose more focused questions that relate to the crux of your problem, and to the mission and vision of your company. When the person who is at the helm of the company asks relevant questions pertaining to the future growth of the company, they gain the trust of the employees, and this enhances the flow of work.

Thinking that it is the HR is solely dependent for handling employees creates a rift between the leaders and the employees. This molehill can potentially become a mountain in the future and risk the loss of talented employees. Walk in the shoes of your employees to understand their grievances.

Boost Morale Always

People are more productive when they actually are in good spirits; they blaze through their work faster and the quality of content increases. Therefore, your priority #1 should be to always boost the morale of your employees. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an hour-long conversation but a quick chat also goes a long way to show that you care about their well-being. If you show that the company genuinely is concerned for the wholesome growth of their employees, it not only increases the productivity but also helps in retaining employees longer. Thus, boosting the morale of your employees should always be on the top of a leader’s agenda.

Be Open to Share Insights

Employees who actively participate in positive change-making in the company feel more satisfied in their jobs. Knowing why and how they are contributing to the growth of the company motivates them to strive harder and work more sincerely. Seeing the outcomes of their labor pushes them to pursue wider horizons and set greater goals. Keep transparent channels to share reports concerning workforce trends and finances to fuel your mission, and also your employees.

Strive to Create Spaces for Improvement

Your employees should always be encouraged to think and speak up freely in the workspace. Even though surveys are a good means to gain feedback, they constitute of the employees thinking up of answers in that single moment of isolation. What does this reflect truly about their process of growth throughout their employment? Snapshot surveys are one way to build long-term plans based on current scenarios. It helps to plan for months down the road, in addition to, finding patterns of social activities which provide a deeper sense of finding meaning at work. The tools for measurement which are preferred and selected by employees help in discovering better opportunities for improvement, rather than ones that are imposed on them.

Importance of Right Things, Right Moments

Actions speak louder than words, thus, any action you take, reflects the thinking of your company. Futile actions should be avoided and the right things should be implemented at opportune moments. Even small, cost-effective decisions can benefit the company in the long run. A strong work culture produces more meaningful results.

Study Trends

All companies diligently study user behavior and keep up with the latest trends that bring in more audience. But do you know the pattern that can keep your employees engaged? If no, then you need to buckle up and study the latest trends which help engagement and set your company apart from the mundane routine. Slack is an amazing platform that helps employees develop activity-based work styles to increase their personal satisfaction in their work environment.

Roll the Positivity in Good Measure

The employees are not the responsibility of only the Human Resources Department. A positive work space motivates them to care for the vision and mission of the company, it allows them to look beyond the paycheck and foster an environment where growth takes precedence. Therefore, it relies on you whether you want negative space where issues worsen due to disengagement or a positive space that keeps the company going?

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