How Big Data Can Boost the Efforts of HR

by Jody Ordioni

How Big Data Can Boost the Efforts of HR

Big data has evolved from being just an industry buzzword to making an impact across businesses and teams. It also holds the key to revolutionizing the selection and recruitment processes that HR uses. Here are some useful tips:

Building More DEI Initiatives

Data can be utilized to understand the diversity, equity, and inclusion quotients of any organization. By comparing them against standard metrics, initiatives can be planned that help to address these issues. Data makes DEI efforts tangible, for employees to understand and show that the leadership is invested in improving the workplace. DEI can be substantiated by data to present conclusive results.

Assessing Time Given to Skill Development

If you have concrete data available with you, that has been carefully analyzed by learning management systems, it can provide a look into the time that employees spend in upskilling. Further, assessing longitudinal trends from the data also details the investment of the company in developing the skills of its employees and fostering a culture of learning. This culture will also keep employees updated with advancements in technology.

Anticipating the Needs of Employees

To understand the trends that would positively impact the employees and justify the need for change, benchmarking is an important exercise. Companies can achieve this by openly sharing the data with their employees. It can also help to build the trust of employees in their company. By leaning into data, it becomes easier to decode the needs of employees and extend support to them.

Software Usage Patterns to Increase Effectiveness

The HR can collate data on how the employees are using the technology and software available in the company. Analyzing the real-time usage pattern for these software, company-wide, you can develop less cumbersome processes that engage employees more. HR professionals can use the data to incorporate different programs that would improve engagement initiatives. This will also result in creating a better employee experience that would increase employee retention.

Reliability Rating That Creates Success

Big data can be overwhelming but if utilized properly it can offer many possibilities. One way of implementing the data is by creating a rating system that assesses the performance of the hourly employees. The data points can be narrowed down to determine whether the efforts of individual employees are successful or not. Another unaccounted benefit of this endeavor has been the reduction in cancellation by the hourly staff since no one wants to lower their ratings.

Reading the Sentiments of the Employees

Anonymous surveys that provide steady feedback to the HR can fuel the data that is crucial to analyzing the sentiments of the employees regarding the company and their work. Pulse surveys are a quick and real-time glimpse into the concerns troubling the employees. In the hands of HR, this data can be deployed to gain visibility into the temperament of the employees and take necessary actions to improve their experience.

Boosting Retention

Retention of talent is an escalating problem, motivated by the competitive markets. Big data can be useful in creating hypothetical models to understand whether initiatives will successfully impact the employee retention rates. Strategies, supplemented by data, will help to prevent exit interviews and inform stay conversations. Retention of talent is crucial to growth, otherwise, the flow of work in the company gets disrupted. Companies need to employ all available tools to manage the retention rates.

Improving Flexibility in Workspaces

Data is crucial to paving future pathways for any company. Different parameters like productivity, workspace, and working hours can be studied using the data on hand, to reimagine remote working. This base of data informs the mixed model that many companies have started incorporating- flexible working hours along with work-from-home. This shift has culturally impacted the workspace by stressing the importance of outcomes.

The Bottom Line

Big data has become crucial to the functioning of many sectors and it is only going to increasingly impact the efforts of HR, in the future. HR forms the backbone of any organization since they ensure the smooth functioning of day-to-day processes. Any help to ease the burden of HR will only positively impact the bottom line of the company.

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