Increasing Engagement of Employees in Competitive Industries

by Jody Ordioni

The workforce is becoming quite fluid in the modern world and retaining employees in the vessel of your company is becoming harder than ever. If you wish to counter turnover problems or believe prevention is better than cure, then the following strategies might come in handy.

Encouraging Career Growth

Whether employees stay within the company or are set to expand their horizons, companies should focus on making them successful. Growth can happen through multiple pathways, but the best route is to help employees build their networks. Put your employees in touch with those who can help them in career growth. Don’t be apprehensive of sharing your sources with your employees too. Digitizing networking is also possible through platforms such as LinkedIn, a great social alternative for professional contacts. The bare minimum you can do for your employees is to listen to their career aspirations without judgment.

Looking Outside the Box (or Your Field)

Employees in this age are attracted to companies that are dynamic, innovative, and forward-thinking in their approach. To be a pioneer in your field, you might have to take inspiration from outside your field. People with distant but parallel fields are more likely to crack a problem than people who are immersed in the industry. Those outside the field might nudge you towards the right path faster than you trying to grasp at straws. Search for ideas everywhere and transform them to creatively solve problems unique to your field.

Acknowledge Publicly

The human side of a business can be cultivated with the help of modern technology. It might be used by employees to keep in touch with each other, but another usage can be to acknowledge the efforts of teammates publicly. It solidifies familiarity within the company and builds relations. A simple survey or meeting wherein every member can give a shout out to employees who they feel have made work easier at the workplace. It may sound menial in comparison to other goals of an organization, but small steps can lead to great changes.

Create Groups for Alumni

Building an alumni group for your company can benefit twice-fold. Firstly, it can be a unique way to continue relations after an employee has left. Secondly, it can help maintain networks that might prove useful in the future. Current employees can make connections within other industries. Moreover, they can shadow older employees and learn faster under their guidance and advice. It can be a two-way transaction too, with the former employees asking the companies for recommendation and approach to suitable places of interest. Retention rates are also positively affected by crafting spaces that benefit all employees.

Technology is a Tool

Even though you might believe your field is static, technology is seeping into every arena. Organizations are constantly trying to expand their reach and influence. The genesis of social media has proved to be a boon with regards to expanding influence. It gives a space to create a community based on building relationships and sharing accomplishments. At the end of the day, your employees should feel that the company is invested in helping them succeed, wherever they go. If they decide to stay within the organization, so much the better for you.

The Bottom Line

These strategies can be implemented in any industry since they are all focused on helping employees first. Organizations can perform better and engage with employees in a more meaningful manner. Allow your team to experiment and listen to them with an open mind, to create an environment where they also wish to stay.

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