3 Ways to Effectively Motivate Your Team

by Jody Ordioni

3 Ways to Effectively Motivate Your Team

The unparalleled devastation that coronavirus is wreaking has forced leaders to quickly adapt to the new workplace scenario. Employees are now working remotely under professional and personal stress. Business leaders have to ramp up their motivational prowess to make their employees productive while still at home. During tumultuous times, the relationship between employees and leaders is foundational to the success of the company. Leaders must understand when the employees need a word of encouragement and when they need to be rebuked.

Incentives and constructive feedback must be balanced, in order to maximize the productivity of the employees. Leaders should also pay attention to the personality of the employees when communicating with them and then to reward their performance. Here are some tips:

Form Personal Connections

Trust and respect are the foundation stones that create a mutually beneficial professional relationship for everyone. Employees can be motivated to work during these tough times, if they can witness that the employers are invested in their life, as a person, and as an employee.

It becomes more important now to schedule one-on-one meetings regularly for direct reports. Show that you care for your employees by asking after their well-being, especially considering the pandemic. Engage them in conversation by asking which projects they are excited about. Any concerns regarding the performance of the employees should be taken up through personal channels of communication, rather than an emotionless e-mail that can make you an absent boss.

Employees are facing copious amounts of stress during the pandemic, especially worrying about the economic implications of it on their jobs. Thus, during these trying times, a personal connection to the employers can be reassuring.

Rewards That Are Meaningful

Personal connections, as mentioned are above, useful during situations like these, helpful in not only engaging employees but also helps to personalize the incentives that are to be rewarded for their performance. Personally tailored rewards not only increase employee engagement and make the experience better, but they are also an indication that you are willing to go the extra mile for top-performing employees.

There is no blanket approach when it comes to rewarding your employees as the interests of each employee differ. However, personalizing the incentives to suit the interests of your employee, will create a long-lasting impression and positively impact the employee experience. Understand their goals and immediate dreams, so that you can help them achieve those. Small incentives such as tickets to their favourite concert or game would definitely be more appreciated than a package containing items they won't ever use.

Communicate Issues with Performance Clearly

There would definitely be employees who will not be allured by potential rewards that the company would provide. The employees might be disengaged due to the remote nature of their work or they might be trying their best but simply cannot meet the expected result. In any case, it is imperative for managers and employers to clearly communicate the issues that are arising with the work they have been doing. The problem has to be addressed immediately and proactively.

Firstly, it is imperative to address the issue with the performance immediately as it occurs. Say your employee has missed a deadline or did not check-off everything from their to-do list, do not wait till a performance review. In your one-on-one meetings, discuss their slacking behaviour before it becomes a habit. Be firm and direct in your approach, letting the employee know where they failed to meet the mark. Ensure that you ask the employee whether an external factor is causing this disruption in their performance that they wish to share. While there's no need to heap excessive stress on your employee, be clear regarding the consequences they'll suffer, should they continue slacking. Transparency and directness would be appreciated by the employees during this time.

The Bottom Line

The situation that we face right now is challenging and unprecedented. Thus, employers have to ensure that they think on their feet. Employees must not only be engaged with the company, but they should also feel motivated and valued. By personally connecting to your employees, incentivizing their performance, and ensuring clear communication, your business will only emerge stronger through this pandemic.

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