8 Steps to Engage Employees

by Jody Ordioni

As a leader, you know that happy employees are the key to increasing productivity. While personal happiness is one’s own work, a leader has to ensure that the work environment is set good to facilitate the work-life balance of employees. Leaders are usually oblivious to the effects their actions have; thus, it is important to have a positive influence within the company.

Challenging the System

Real leaders don't let the system become complacent; they always challenge the system constructively. Do not take the policies of the company as they are, especially if there is room for improvement. Change doesn’t mean rebelling against the system, rather looking for improvements that can help employees.

Work-Life Fulfillment is Necessary

Research has proven that employees are more productive when they believe their work and personal life is satisfactory. When you provide greater flexibility to employees, the rates of retention, engagement, and attraction also get affected positively. Every company’s target is to achieve high rates in these arenas.

Better Policies and Practices

Develop a culture that welcomes the whole of any employee- including their unique talents and contributions. HR should work with leaders to create family-friendly policies. An open culture that embraces all also produces exceptional work. To attract the best talent, companies need to offer the best.

Experiment and Become Pioneers

Talking is not enough. If overhauling of the old ways is a demand, you should be first in line to prove the worth of an experiment. If you can succeed with your team, then the complete organization can implement the formula.

Building Close Relationship with Other Leaders

Birds of a feather flock together. There would be other leaders within the organization who work tirelessly to offer work-life satisfaction. Engage with such leaders and formulate new ideas. Not only will this lead to establishing a larger network, but you will also accumulate greater weight to create an environment that is employee-centered and family-friendly.

Power of New Thoughts

Being a leader put you in a unique position which allows you to maintain a network outside the circle of the organization. Take advantage of this opportunity and engage with leaders outside the company to learn what they are doing to bring work-life fulfillment to their office sphere. Allow these new ideas to run within your company. Such engagement can help you bring new thoughts in your mind, which can turn out to be beneficial for your organization.

Understand the Consequence of Your Own Choices

The choices leaders make influence others around them. Therefore, the importance of your approach to the work-life dynamics should never be underestimated. Employees imitate the behavior of the leaders and consider whatever they do is culturally acceptable within the company. Being in a leadership role comes with the implicit understanding that employees look up to your actions to define what is the norm.

Help Others through Mentoring

Effective leaders are always sought by employees for their wisdom, perspective, and counsel. Using your experience and resources to mentor your team is one great way to attract and retain talent. Make time to connect with your employees and counsel them. Building relationships with others who are also striving for work-life fulfillment should be the priority of any leader. Professional growth is a lucrative deal that ensures the loyalty of the employees to the organization.

The Bottom Line

As a leader in a company, you have the power and influence to dictate a change in a constructive manner. Take responsibility and create a culture that values the work-life balance. Being an agent of change not only makes you feel good, but it also forms a passionate, engaged, and energized team. An endeavor such as this ends up benefitting everyone in the equation.

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