Does your Organization have the Required Tools to Assure a Good Employee Experience?

by Jody Ordioni

Does your Organization have the Required Tools to Assure a Good Employee Experience?

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the organization's performance primarily depends on the performance of your employees. Establishing and maintaining a powerful employee experience, which promotes collaboration, productivity, engagement, and creativity, is quintessential to drive an organization's growth. It helps assure that the employees work to their full potential and that your organization's growth is not compromised.

You cannot make the most of your employee potential if you do not apply the requisite employee experience technology. Regardless of this, less than one-third of executives think of employee experience as a priority in their organization. Moreover, of this number, not all of them view it as a technological concern.

In many organizations, management believes that employee experience is the responsibility of human resources, or C-suite and not IT. Only if you employ IT, you would know, understand, and acknowledge that IT has a significant impact on employee productivity and engagement.

Improvement in employee experience technology boosts productivity, promotes employee retention, and facilitates better collaboration. However, now a lot of organizations are better equipped at remote working. Believe it or not, an organization's remote working ability does give it a competitive advantage, especially in the current situation.

Empower your Employees for Remote Working

To avail of the advantage of a remote working setup, a lot depends on the technological considerations – ensuring that employees have a streamlined login, secure password protocol, low latency, high bandwidth, and good compatibility across formats and systems.

You have to regard IT as a primary tool for a good experience. For an efficient experience in the workplace, IT is the driving component. If it fails to work as well as it should, everyone at work will be frustrated.

The employee experience technology comes down to the fundamentals – Are employees able to access the necessary business applications? With cloud-based tools, they provide secure and seamless access that is possibly needed to improve the employees' productivity and efficiency from their remote offices.

A Good Online Culture

For proper employee engagement, having only productivity tools is not enough. For better engagement, an organization needs a robust corporate culture. Technology only enables better work productivity, along with an improved corporate culture.

Internal social applications and digital resource groups, long remote to vital employees who could not benefit from physical inspiration and knowledge sharing, now serve the organizations well. In the given workspace, the connectivity, which technology offers is vital to employee well-being, engagement, retention, company performance, and well-being.

The general view has been that organizations prioritize employee experience better profitability, growth, and resilience than those who do not. Today, it is more important than ever to seek time for employees to come together.

How to get started?

For certain organizations, adopting an employee engagement technology approach to online culture can bring with it certain challenges. To get started, one needs the management's and executives' complete support to motivate employees via the changes, thereby ensuring that individuals get tailored employee engagement technology and overcome any red tape.

A good starting point for this would be defining the right parameters – where the employee experience ends and simultaneously, the human resource management starts. The exemplary employee experience practices and policies can accentuate management. However, it is not a replacement for it. The right thing to do is striking a balance between employee autonomy and organizational structure.

The Bottom Line

In the present day and time, any organization's success is dictated by a strong employee experience. The organizations that implement cultural changes that ensure a robust EX, primarily in the remote working space, can make them more competitive, resilient, and productive.

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