Leverage Data and Maximize Productivity in Newly Remote Places

by Jody Ordioni

Leverage Data and Maximize Productivity in Newly Remote Places

The power of a fresh perspective can be elegantly summarized in the following quote by Albert Einstein.

"In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity."

The words said above ring true for the situation all of us are stuck in. The Covid-19 pandemic, however, also gives us a new direction to understand how to carry our business models forward.

Remote Work is an Asset

The power of remote working has been in practice for several years now. The most common practice being cloud computing. Although it did not gain much traction early on but losing data due to hard drive crashes convinced people to switch to this method. The biggest hurdle to embracing and fully utilizing the benefits of cloud computing was the willingness to adapt to the current times by businesses and executives. Once this was overcome the switch over to data collection through cloud computing was seamless.

Empowering the Remote Workforce

A workforce operating remotely is not a moment of crisis, rather one of opportunity. It is granted that every individual involved will have to compromise and adjust, but this can encourage staff to reassess their working style and habits. For example, working from a private space gives more freedom to the staff that can promote better creative processes. This can help your staff to produce work of a better quality when compared to the product created in an office environment.

Support Employees Working Remotely

Positive words of encouragement can only help out so much when your workforce is operating remotely. Though it does not mean they are useless when it is backed by data analytics that gives a clearer look at patterns and behaviors, you are developing an agile and dynamic workforce. Ensuring employees that the management is in place to provide them with tools and resources to make their work-life easier will instill confidence in them.

Leverage Analytics of Productivity to Boost Performance of Workers

The importance of tools for collaborating was never questioned. However, now that most of the employees are working remotely, leveraging tools that can bring spotlight areas where worker collaboration is needed are more prominently mentioned. Now that old habits are undergoing a massive change- overly long meetings and interoffice communication- collaborative behavior might highlight new methods that work better. Small changes can produce great transformations. Many analytical approaches will develop better results and improve employee satisfaction.

Highlight Top Performing Employees

Cultivating a strategy that highlights the top performers and the conditions that enabled such results allows managers to coach other employees in a manner that can improve their performance as well. This requires diving deeper to understand operational opportunities. Over time, managers can manage to find out which methods work best. New benchmarks and guidelines can be formulated based on this data. By elevating the skills of employees, you can build trust and loyalty in your brand.

Monitor Tools for Productivity

Today, there are many applications and software programs in the market to increase employee performance. And that number is only growing. Therefore, your company needs performers who know the ins and outs of such applications. An asset management software might give you the information regarding the application you have, but it is more important to know how and why to use this information. By analyzing how top performers use these tools will help you to teach the whole team how to use these applications. This will lead to a direct increase in productivity.

Analyze Workforce Productivity Trends

It is only through analyzing the workforce trends for workforce productivity that you can plan long-term commitments for the success of your business. Measuring the workflow allows you to see what a productive work behavior is and what is not. Categorize such practices and introduce the change over time. A key aspect of managing and measuring trends is to have snapshots of progressive behaviors.

The Bottom Line

Using these simple yet effective tips, you can not only generate better productivity levels from your employees, but also empower them. Through gratification and employee satisfaction, you will see that your company can surpass pre-pandemic levels of success.

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