3 Steps to Accelerate Employee Engagement

by Jody Ordioni

According to a survey carried out by Deloitte, four out of five employers wish for their employees to be more engaged. Yet, only one of those five can ensure that employees have a unique experience in their company. Therefore, as per Gallup, this means only a third of the workforce finds a meaningful connection with their organization. It is the dream of every organization to have at its disposal a team of dedicated employees who care enough about realizing the vision of the organization.

However, there are only a few companies who seem to make headway there. Could the fault be in the body of authority that deploys the methods rather than the methods themselves? Usually, organizations place the responsibility of employee engagement on the shoulders of the HR, when leaders should rather try to ensure that this problem is tackled across different levels of function.

Efforts arising from a singular direction do not yield fruitful results. The “supervisor of culture” might plan workout sessions and holiday retreats but they would not work for all. Boosting engagement should not be reduced to another task that has to cross off the task list, it should be an integral objective that concerns all the roles in the company.

Marketing Team’s Involvement

If your marketing team is isolated from the process of employee engagement it might be a good time to bring them back into the mix. Afterall utilizing marketing initiatives in the internal sphere of the company is not different than marketing the brand externally. The marketing pundits can contribute by developing internal communication pieces and publicizing cultural events.

Chris Wallace, president, and co-founder of Inner View notes that novel initiatives should be marketed in the same way within the company as products are done outside in the market. This implies that the attitudes and perceptions of the employees are to be researched so that customized initiatives can be created that resonate with the employees.

Employee Engagement as Manager’s Task

According to Gallup, a manager can influence the level of engagement of an employee the most. Two different employees in the same company, drawing on the same benefits and resources can engage in drastically different measures with the company with different support systems. When appointing someone to a managerial position, make sure they understand the commitment they are making and that they are accountable for this responsibility.

To ensure the buy-in to managerial position it is important to remove the obstruction to success. The direct supports should get wiggle-room to ensure the smooth flow of environmental and procedural changes. Likewise, the managers should provide the employees some freeway to explore challenges creatively. The employees of Southwest Airlines, for example, utilize this freedom to even turn mundane tasks like safety instructions into a rap song.

Mission and Vision Employees Stand By

Employees who cannot establish faith in their organization’s brand and promise are unable to engage fully with the organization itself. To illustrate this point- the mission of Disney is to “bring happiness to the millions of people”. This nugget of its core values helps to disseminate the products and services. This message also resonates with its employees and thus allows them to engage with their work.

Before jumping to conclusions about the employees’ behavior and labeling them ‘lazy workers’, try to understand whether your product is inherently faulty. Improving the products and services your organization offers can increase the engagement of the employees with the company since they work towards and for something they stand by 100%. If you cannot pinpoint the problem, invite the employees for an in-house survey to gauge the areas that require improvement.

The expanse of employee engagement is too wide for the only HR to tackle. Involve the employees to be a part of a program that ultimately benefits them. By increasing the number of employees involved, the process helps to create employees that are truly engaged.

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