Acknowledgement of Employees Can Result in Increased Employee Performance

by Jody Ordioni

Amongst the working class, there are a large number of employees who suffer the same cycle of mundane activities associated with their jobs, each day. The general feeling amongst employers is the need to engage the employees that can boost their morale. The job performance of the manager or the employers, keeping in mind the other employees, determines the functionality and success of the work environment. They hold the key to a conducive work environment that encourages productivity. Employees mimic the work ethic of each other and pick up positive traits from other employees.

Yet, there are a few employees that go above and beyond the standard guidelines set within the workplace and excel. An employer that cares about the employees and wishes to engage them with the company on a greater level can explore the system of rewards and incentives. There are various channels to acknowledge the hard work of the employees and rewards their merits.

Why does the system of rewards as a method to honor employees hold promise?

An established award is a great way to acknowledge the hard work of your employees and you can create various awards that distinguish different labors that the employees undergo. For example, giving a plaque with the name of the employee engraved. Then to demarcate prestigious awards you can hand out glass awards. These awards are high-industry distinctions that can include their name, the logo of the company, years of service, and the special service they rendered. A glass award not only looks prestigious, but it also beautifies the space of the storage shelf.

To exalt the importance of your awards, you can host a ceremony in a banquet hall, among your employees of the professional and corporate world. The place where you are organizing the ceremony can be responsible for catering and managing the event, whilst you can enjoy the event at the forefront. The employee expenses account can sponsor the payment of the production. The Better Business Bureau admits to spending the balance while keeping in mind the due. The use of public transport should be available for students who come from greater distances.

Various other employee appreciation awards

The employer must devise a method to honor their employees. The frequency of the felicitation has to be predetermined. The most popular award is the one given to the employee of the month. This award can be established to distinguish the top performer amongst all the employees of the company.

Another way to acknowledge their hard work is to create a wall of felicitation for the Employee of the Month and keep adding photos to sort through. The name of the employee of the month can be proudly displayed along with a plaque containing their picture on this wall. Conduct an employee survey, if necessary, to gauge the kind of award that your work force wants for acknowledgement.

Awards can become a method to boost the morale of the employees and encourage them to uplift their duties. In the turbulent economic state, it is important to let the employees know that their efforts are appreciated. Moreover, rewarding employees that do exemplary work creates a greater chance of retaining that employee for a longer period of time.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that incentives for employees are a great motivation for the employees. A lot of employers employ the incentive programs to retain their employees for longer periods of time.

The Bottom Line

In this harsh economy, it is certainly a morale boost for the employees to see that their efforts are being recognized. Awards can be given to trustworthy employees to show appreciation for the commitment they show towards their jobs.

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