How to Increase Employee Engagement without Spending a Penny?

by Jody Ordioni

Nothing is more detrimental for an organization than employees who are not engaged with the tasks they are trying to accomplish. Not only does it affect the performance and overall productivity of the employee, it also plummets the capacity of the company. Employees who are engaged in their tasks are enthusiastic about their work. This implies that they get work done timely too.

The companies that register higher on the employee engagement scale have a revenue rate higher than their competitors by 2.5%, as found in a study conducted by a management consulting company. Hence, there is a surge in the employee engagement market today.

Yet many organizations take the crucial task of engaging its employees lightly. This can be due to many reasons, such as conflict in the organization, lack of cohesion within employees, or even unrest in the job market.

Nowadays, there is an emphasis by the employers on engaging employees meaningfully. Surveys have concluded that roughly 85% employers, globally, find meaningful engagement can boost the productivity if the company. There are ways to increase worker’s engagement, without shelling big bucks. Here’s how:

Allocating Right Resources

An “enabling infrastructure” is the primary driver of engaging an employee. The resources and tools made available to the employee are directly related to their performance and engagement. Equipping employees with tools that slow their progress negatively impact their level of engagement. Employees require tools and resources that complements their skills and enthusiasm.

Equal Attention to All

In the multinational and multi-ethnic job sphere we exist in right now, each employee requires different parameters for engagement. The best way to fulfil the expectations of everyone is to ask them what motivates them and what roles they believe help them thrive. This technique helps the manager/supervisor to alter their communication skills to fit the needs of each employee.

Make Training Available

Continuous development is a necessary path for each employee. By providing adequate training and coaching they company indicates that it values the potential and talent of its employees. the employees also get the sense that the company is invested in their future and allows them to play a vital role within the organization. Coaching helps engagement and investing in this endeavor helps create loyalty, reduces turnover, and attracts necessary talent to the company.

Challenge Them in Their Work

The vision, mission, and core values of the organization should always be ingrained into the employees. They should be reminded through monthly and yearly goals concerning individual and organizational goals. If the work that the employees align themselves with seems to have a long-term impact and contributing to the larger picture, they are more enthused about engaging with it.

Rewarding Progress

Acknowledging and appreciating the efforts of the employee goes a long way in the work environment. For example, employees at Disneyland are rewarded if they accomplish the purpose of making the visit magical and fun. This results in motivating the employees and engaging them in their work.

The human nature of employees responds to the level of engagement they have with their professional life. Greater engagement leads to better performance. Companies that actively work to raise the engagement of their employees, often achieve better results, with regards to performance and financial returns.

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