Measures to Actively Engage Employees

by Jody Ordioni

A great strategic tactic to attract and retain the talent of the market is to expand ways in which the company engages its employees. Employee engagement can classify how work gets done in the organization and also how it does not get done, as elucidated by Dr. Lisa Nishii, Associate Professor and Chair of Industrial and Labor Relations International Program at Cornell University.

Employees who are actively engaged with the company are concerned with its goals and vision, and the outcome of the efforts. Disengaged employees in the best-case scenario are just lazy bystanders or worst are trying to sabotage the company.

Special perks and employee engagement are both booming industries. Companies can outsource to experts the task of strategizing and drawing up methods to actively engage employees. However, if you wish to start right away you can try on these strategies for size:

Solid Foundation

The driving force of employee engagement is the desire to be heard, respected, and valued. The work environment should strive to provide this basis for the employees to engage. Employers are urged to adopt policies in the workplace that encourage openness and respect. The company should try to go beyond common compliance that is required of them to show that they value their employees truly.

Accountability is Key

Leaders should always remain on their toe and ensure that the actions of the employees align with what is expected of them. They should not hesitate to step in when they have to hold anyone accountable for their actions. This accountability should be levied to everyone equally including their own self. Integration of policies is important for the workplace environment.

The Door Should Always Be Open

Many companies make use of open-door policies, wherein employees can directly contact their supervisors and voice their concerns. It is a great practice that actually allows the voice of the employee being heard and valued. However, with your hectic schedule, it becomes difficult to implement an open-door policy. The distractions, competing priorities, and lack of attention to perspectives result in the proverbial door getting closed. A few steps that can allow you to implement this policy can be:

Any company- local business or a conglomerate- depends on the effective participation of its employees to realize its goals. These starter tips can help you change the dynamics of your workspace and help engage employees and retain the talent you have helped nourish.

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