The Ladder to Employee Engagement

by Jody Ordioni

Do you know that as per Gallup’s research global employee engagement rates are at a measly 15%? Or that the percentage of employees that hold faith in their company’s values is 27%? Low numbers like these are a cause for concern across any field. It should especially cause worry in the area of employee engagement and retention. This data is the symptom that hides a greater concern. It implies that neither managers nor their teams are doing a satisfactory job. The only out is to create better opportunities and make responsible choices.

Understanding the Effects of Disengaging

The first bitter pill to swallow is that workers give up on bosses, not their jobs. A bad supervisor can spoil the employee experience throughout the team, leading to a team that is volatile and fragile. At present, Gallup rates that 51% of the employees are earnestly trying to leave their job. According to them, the booming economy provides an escape door but it does not ease their lateral movement within their organizations.

Therefore, the workforce is removing their stakes from the organization rather than toughing it out. With the employees the legacy, knowledge, and creativity exit too. The constant flow disturbs the productivity levels of the organization, impacting innovation. However, these problems are not unconquerable. The following tips can benefit everyone, ranging from corporates to employees wishing to engage more with work.

The health of Employees is #1

A staggering number of employees, 67% report that they feel burned-out most of the time during work. The toll on their well-being manifests as physical illness too. Sick employees cannot engage in physical labor and nor can they engage emotionally with the organization. Companies that value work-life balance receive greater engagement from employees. it is shown to foster a caring relationship between the employee and the company, mutually.

To tackle this hindrance, you can start by making available incentives such as healthy luncheons and fitness classes to the employees. Incorporating fun activities for team members off-site can lead them into having clear headspace while taking on challenges on assignments. Moreover, a clean office space can help counter seasonal fluctuations in health.

ISSA suggests that workspaces that follow strict cleaning protocols reduce the likelihood of cold and flu by 80%. The team loses traction if employees are on sick leave time and again. Plus, the employee might feel that the demand for work is taking a negative toll on their health and might not value the ethics of the company.

Stock-Ownership for the Employee

It might come across as a bold move to let employees claim stock in the company they work in, however, it is seen that the employees are invested in the company directly in this manner. It can be detrimental for the employee morale if they believe that the sole focus of the company is to fill the pockets of the higher executives.

Pariveda Solutions is a technology strategy and solutions consultancy that designed an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Its creation influenced employee ownership interest in the company. As the founders have themselves stated, it creates an identity driven by purpose, not known publicly but allowing employees to achieve higher goals.

Company Culture Frowns on Vacation

Have you been guilty of shelfing your vacation days? About 20% of employees in America would reach the year end without exhausting their vacation days, this year. This can be because your company culture frowns on extended vacations or the team is short on employee resources which mean everybody is pulling more than they should. Either of the reasons leads to one conclusion- burnouts.

As Glassdoor reports suggest a full-time employee on average only utilizes half of their allotted vacation time. However, disengaging temporarily from work is essential. Otherwise, it leads to a build-up of stress that might lead to the employee taking off permanently.

It is no brainer that in today’s competitive culture, the majority of the companies are facing a crisis while engaging the employees. But a healthy, rested, and vested employee can ensure loyalty for your firm.

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