Company Onboarding Techniques to Follow

by Jody Ordioni

Company Onboarding Techniques to Follow

Employee onboarding is effective only when the employees feel productive and valuable within the company. While feeling welcomed within the company is important, they should also feel a part of the mission and vision of the company from the start. It is time to adopt onboarding techniques that are unique and creative.

Importance of Coffee

During the first week of a new hire, at the company, it might be a good initiative to allow them to get coffee with their fellow team members. Especially in small businesses, wherein workplace relationships play a crucial role, this step might help any new hire to get more familiar with rest of the team quickly. A cup of coffee, outside the set-up of an office, is a quick route to let new employees participate in communication freely and without extensive pressure.

Scheduling Team Meetings

A new hire's first day would be jam-packed with meetings with the HR department, orientation sessions and, obviously, paperwork. Yet, it would be a thoughtful gesture, to sit them down with some, if not all members, belonging to various teams within your company. The new employees can introduce themselves and explain how they wish to contribute to the company.

Such a strategy comes in handy in companies that rely on various teams working in tandem. New employees can not only get to know each other but also gain an insight into the internal working of various teams and how that translates into the company working as a whole.

Easing their Way into the Company

While it might seem an unnecessary detail, it is extremely important to ensure that employees are equipped with all the resources from the first day itself. Setting up the right software on their computers, creating relevant email accounts with functional passwords and other set-ups that ensure ease of work, are steps in the right direction when it comes to onboarding processes.

Ideally, this should be accomplished before the first day of the new hire. Otherwise, snags such as these can lead to delays and frustrations for new employees, who are already pretty nervous for their first days.

Setting Up a Calendar for the New Hire

Navigating and matching with the calendar of the company, especially in the first week, is never an easy task. It is important that companies take the initiative of setting up the calendar for new employees, initially and also providing them with the right tools to succeed. New hires should be kept up-to-date with meetings, conference calls, and remote work.

If there is an employee handbook available, the first week is the best time to let the new hires gain information through a guide. Anything that allows them to ease their way into communication will be appreciated. Employers should realize that information is the most necessary tool for any new hire to successfully navigate the company. Thus, it is necessary to provide them with proper company calendars, in the onboarding process itself.

Importance of Immediate, Achievable Goals

Do not coddle new hires and shy away from handing out responsibilities to them. New hires should be made to settle into their roles as soon as possible. It does not matter if their role is limited to a smaller project or training program, they should be made to feel productive to retain their interest in the company.

This also provides the employer with the unique chance of getting acquainted with the working style of the new employee and to provide feedback to establish a proper working relationship within the office space.

The Bottom Line

When employers take care to properly plan out the onboarding process, it can be an imperative tool that helps to get to know the new hire. Inversely, the new hires can also get to know about the team and the company, including the dynamics and vision of the company. These days, new hires are able to distinguish a meticulously planned onboarding process from a rushed one. The need of the hour is for companies to also make a good impression on the new hires if they wish to retain the talent they have painstakingly hired. A solid onboarding process goes a long way.

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