Employer Value Proposition in Freelancing- A Good Look for the Company

by Jody Ordioni

Each leader needs to sharpen their skills when it comes to attracting and retaining the top talent of the company. In this battle, a leader should be able to persuade each stratum of the civic society and be able to recruit them. The new class of the working society is comprised of the freelancers. As much as 60% of HR professionals imply that freelancers are the way forward in the professional workforce.

Factors such as cost saving, flexibility in the company, and access to top talent are the reason that companies have turned towards the on-demand workers in the workforce market. Wholesome talent management is the way forward in the market.

While competition makes the market cut-throat, you can stand apart if your approach to the freelance market is right. As an organization, you not only want a dynamic workforce, but also the best talent in each field that is concerned with your company. An effective Employer Value Proposition (EVP) can make you stand out from your competitors.

The EVP must grow out of its traditional role of addressing only the core employees. To appeal to the growing economy of freelance market, the EVP needs to address the contingent employees.

Paying the Employee On-Time

If the labor of the freelancer is not getting its due compensation, then why would they continue working for such a company? Almost 75% of contingent employees express concerns over delayed pay or not getting paid. Talent can be retained only if the employer is flexible and compliant in paying the employee in a timely manner.

With the growth in technology, there are various apps that track the onboarding process and payment of the freelancers. If you do not expect your core members to continue working without salary, then why should the freelancers persevere in same conditions.

Clarity in Communication Regarding Work

Before the talent starts working for you, the guidelines concerning their terms of engagement should be documented and communicated clearly. The documentation internally should be concise and provide clarity in detail concerning timeline, delivery, payment, and billing.

Since freelancers fall outside the purview of regular legal conditions of the company, thus the expectations from them must be clearly expressed from the start. The dynamic workforce can only be maintained if conflicts are avoided altogether. Putting proper management guidelines can eliminate the possibility of neglect in these situations.

Alert Responses

Keep channels of communication open for your employee’s needs. Not only do the guidelines have to be clearly expressed, but the contractor also has to ensure that any obstacle in their work is timely eliminated. Freelancers deserve the same facilities as the core employees for the period they are employed.

If you would not allow your core employees to suffer any roadblock, you should extend the same courtesy to your freelancers. If you want successful output from them, then you need to assist them in their work, provide thorough feedback, and partner with them in real-life.

Timely Approval

Approval for the project is the duty of the employer. Making the process faster and less cumbersome as possible, after the invoice is received, is the obligation of the employer. Shortening the approval window by removing redundant touchpoints will help in expediting payments and retaining talent. A short approval period is a positive incentive in the eyes of freelance employees.

Only when the project is approved can the payment cycle begin. Just as your core team would be disgruntled regarding delayed paychecks, so will your freelancing employees feel frustrated with your company if they have to hassle for their due.

Rational Requirements for Employment

Companies who have just begun the process of hiring a hybrid workforce retain the mindset of demanding from their employees every necessary precaution. It is understandable that every business model function to mitigate their risks, however, it does not imply that unreasonable demands have to be made of the employees. The company can work to restrict the burden of its employees.

The Bottom Line

The joust for top talent is getting ever more maddening. Only a comprehensive view of managing talent can ensure that your workforce is diverse and dynamic. An inclusive EVP not only helps you attract freelancers, but also helps retain them.

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