Formulate a Plan to Attract the Best Talent

by Jody Ordioni

A new era for business owners is on the horizon, but is it necessarily a positive turn? Statistics prove that in today’s job market there are more jobs being generated than there are employees to occupy those positions. Employees are the bricks on which any successful and prosperous business is built. Yet employing people in a senseless manner only leads to an overcrowding, you need the right ones to keep the company on track. Fortunately, there are a number of steps that can be undertaken to address the disparity in supply and demand for your nosiness.

Employee Referral Program to Kickstart the Process

Boosting the morale of the employees is important. This can be implemented by providing rewards or bonuses to any employees that refer candidates who end up getting hired. Ask your employees to expand the network and provide candidates with the information to apply for the openings. Provide them tools such as business cards that contain relevant information.

According to Bob Beaudine, executive recruiter and the author of The Power of Who, elucidates that 85% of job vacancies are filled through referrals. Current employees through their established network become the best resource to recruit talented individuals for the company. Alert your employees about any job openings regularly through emails. Also encourage them to push this information wherever possible so that the word reaches to maximum possible candidates.

Utilize Social Media

If you have a news feed or official company page, make the best out of it and share news of job openings. Another way to utilize social media is to engage with prospective employees, selecting a fit match from the beginning. Your marketing department needs to work tirelessly to ensure that the presence of the company on digital mediums and the prospect of working there attract the relevant crowd, by making information regarding the job available.

Do not hesitate to spread a word about available positions within your industry by posting on other pages. Hosting career fairs are also a great way to ensure that you are being heard.

Simultaneously Keep Tabs on All Prospective Employees

There might be times when there is only one job opening but you might find at your disposal multiple qualified employees. Do not disregard those who do not make the cut but keep in touch with them, they might be fit for any future prospect.

Keep tabs on their journey and whether their job search is going well. If they do end up finding another job, do congratulate them. Gestures such as those are always well-received and remembered.

Enhance Your Website with a Career Page

Create a separate section on your website for career prospects. It can include information on training programs, community level activities, employee wellness programs, and most importantly can highlight the reasons why working with your company is beneficial to the employees. Include testaments from your current employees and keep the section up to date with regards to job openings. Ensure that prospective candidates have a channel to send in their resumes. Even small businesses can make use of email services to receive resumes.

Instrument a Program for Career Growth

Draft a program that promotes career growth. If you worry that drawbacks such as low bracket salary or remote location can hamper your prospective employees, then career growth programs are one way to ensure that the company still attracts talented individuals.

Beginning from the screening process make sure to thoroughly advertise the career growth plan to attract and retain talented employees. the program can focus on providing training that is facilitated by rewards systems such as increments in salary upon the completion of each successive step. Initiatives such as these can help to attract, retain, and promote the professional growth of the employees.

Make Use of Sound Onboarding Training Process for New Recruits

If you wish to attract talented employees for the advancement of your company, you need to focus on strategies concerning recruiting new employees or hiring talented individuals, for however long you wish to employ them. Retaining employees that have been freshly recruited is a form of art that determines the future growth and success of your company. All aspects are important to stay ahead in the competitive job market.

Onboarding process is one of the initial steps that can make or break employee loyalty. 66% of employees work for the company for three years or more if the onboarding process is satisfactory. The first 45 days are crucial as nearly 20% of turnover of employees takes place in this period. As many as 33% of employees might end up looking for other jobs in the first 6 months of their employment. A sound onboarding program exponentially increases employee retainment.

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