Happy Team- More Important Now Than Ever

by Jody Ordioni

Happy Team- More Important Now Than Ever

The global pandemic has changed the way we work forever. However, are we coping with the changes as well as we think we are? Are we working from home or simply surviving the work from home? Everything from our facilities, moods, and communication has changed in the face of this pandemic. The line between professional and personal has become so blurred, it might not even exist anymore.

The HR teams are suddenly overburdened with new tasks such as coordinating teams and projects and maybe laying off people temporarily. It is not a far-fetched notion then that many employees must be feeling disgruntled during these times. This dip in morale and low motivation levels would imply that the performance rate for employees would be on the decline.

However, talent experts are in a unique position to utilize this time to create retention and engagement strategies that will raise their teams. Following are some tips that can help:

Pause and Evaluate

The pandemic has been a distressing situation for everyone. However, life will return to its normal routine, surely. It is only a matter of time before companies can slip back into their normal routines. Meanwhile, leaders can take this time to reflect on the functioning of the company. Ask employees to discuss what can be changed to improve the organization.

Do they need a steady flow of feedback from their superiors? Do they feel that most of their time is spent at the office? Are there any conflicts within the workforce that need to be resolved? Leaders can approach each employee individually to understand and address any faults in the system. Correcting faulty operational processes will not only help your organization to emerge stronger than before, but it will also increase the happiness and engagement of your employees.

Team Building Efforts

While the situation outside has driven everyone into the social-distancing mode, it is not mandatory that your team members remain separated and isolated. It is important to establish reliable communication channels for team meetings since this will ensure seamless functioning. However, once the workday has ended, it is equally important to use the technology at disposal to connect the team. Try to imitate the activities that you did after work before working from home began and then try to adapt them to the situation at hand.

Using video conferences to chat with colleagues or playing board games virtually together can be activities that can restore a semblance of the after-work shenanigans. Leaders should check up on employees and ask them how they are coping with the quarantine period. Such initiatives can be extremely rewarding and help to boost team spirit and the motivation of employees.

Working for Your Staff

Employer branding should not be neglected even if the pandemic has disrupted normal work schedules and processes. You may think that employees are grateful that they at least have a job during a global crisis, that can sustain them. This, however, can turn out to be a mistake. Talent experts should not take this opportunity for granted, rather they should continue to make efforts- perhaps more than before- to build a solid talent retention strategy.

There are various effective steps that can be taken to boost professional development of employees, even when they are working from home, such as e-learning modules, webinars with industry experts, rewarding consistent performance, or even creating a blog that is exclusively available to the staff, allowing them to find out new recipes or exercise regimens. As a talent expert, you need to turn on the creative gears in your mind to come up with strategies that increase employee engagement.

The Bottom Line

The global crisis has not only affected sanitary conditions and economic growth of the country but has affected our emotional intelligence as well. It's high time for HR professionals to find ways to ensure employees stay connected with each other even in these unprecedented times and the productivity drain can be minimized.

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