Maximizing the Benefits of Employee Branding for IT Companies

by Jody Ordioni

Maximizing the Benefits of Employee Branding for IT Companies

Recruitment proves to be a persistent hurdle for tech companies whenever they look to expand operations to a new offshore location. This challenge is a particularly sore spot for many IT companies. The reasons are many and varied. Mostly though, it is because eligible employees do not respond to vacancies and local agencies are of no help since the company is relatively unknown in the local market. Thus, success in recruitment, and subsequent retention, rl.telies heavily on employer brand strategies.

Aspirants lookout for benefits and perks, in addition to the yearly compensation, too. Our studies reflect that 78% of workers admit that benefits are equally important, along with the salary package. This revelation exposes a need for companies to flesh out strategies that value employees and are enticing enough to attract and retain talented employees.

Make Your Employee Brand Functional

Your employee brand is the magnet that will attract fresh talent to the company. It can also help you to build your offshore strategy for talent acquisition. Before that, however, you need to conduct an employee brand audit. What this means is that there has to be an assessment of current plans and strategies to analyze what works in favor of the company and what should be done away with. This will not only enable you to identify problem areas but also work on the breakthrough points that are obstructing growth.

Alignment of Employer Brand with Your Corporate Brand

The above statement does not imply that your corporate brand and employer brand should be mirror images. The philosophy inculcated in the corporate brand would be the building block for your employer brand. Your company's mission, vision, and purpose lie at the core of a solid employer brand. Your long-term goals should dictate your employer brand strategy. Be clear in your vision for the company and how your employees should perceive your brand. Tailoring the values of employees accordingly will help to further expand your brand.

Key to Branding: Up-to-Date Employer Value Proposition

Abbreviated as EVP, this strategy refers to a unique proposition that would make prospective employees choose your brand over other employers. Annual compensation, perks, rewards, and core values are included in this model. To build suitable research, extensively research the key variables and boosters in the market. Factors such as flexible hours, remote work, and healthcare benefits are some examples of what entices employees. Develop an effective EVP by communicating with your employees. Anonymous surveys can be used to understand the faults in your branding strategy and the steps that can be taken to correct it.

Employee Experience is Crucial

Change comes from within. Companies have to reflect internally first to build a brand that manages to retain employees. The experience of employees in the workplace can make or break your brand.

Start incorporating small changes into everyday processes. For example, onboarding is the first encounter of any employee with the brand, and if the process is positive, it drives the employee towards the company. Employer branding strategy is especially important for tech brands, as it is the deciding factor in syncing all systems and building a systematic approach.

How It All Works

Sometimes, even well-established corporations can find it difficult to carve a niche in a new market if they do not change their employer branding strategy. When looking for offshore talent, you either have to have a presence in the local IT community or adapt fast enough to not lose interest. The good news is that by auditing and understanding the parameters that need to be reworked, you can grow your brand. By building a solid EVP and implementing it through rigorous social media campaigning and promotional strategies, your IT company can do well, even offshore.

The Bottom Line

Tech companies emphasize employer branding strategies because it yields results in the form of talent acquisition. A simple audit can be the take-off point for IT companies to develop robust employer brand strategies. Such strategies are not only useful in attracting the attention of field professionals, but also help to retain the employees already working with the company. This is true for both head offices and offshore developments.

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