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Jody Ordioni

Jody Ordioni

Jody is a driving force in the spaces of employee engagement and branding. Before starting her own agency, she spent more than 15 years in senior leadership positions within well-established advertising agencies such as J. Walter Thompson and Omnicom, consulting with major organizations seeking to build and promote successful brands.

Jody co-founded achieve Engagement with the hopes of building the largest community of human resource and business professionals on the web, in order to help shape the future of employee culture in the workplace. Her book, The Talent Brand, focuses on helping employers create a brand specific to talent acquisition.

She has a passion for the latest trends in technology and marketing and has spent her career developing and implementing programs that make the most effective use of both. In her role as President of Brandemix, Jody leads the firm in creating brand-aligned programs that connect people to missions, cultures and business success.

Employee Engagement. Is it Hot or Not?


It's easy for for companies to say that employees are their greatest assets, or most valuable resource, but actually constructing a culture that values the individual experience is significantly more difficult.

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At the highest level, it's about forging the connection an employee feels not only towards their place of work, but the company at large. This in turn, influences his or her work ethic and overall attitude towards peers, clients, management, and even health and well-being.

In fact, it's proven that employees who feel more connected with their company and peers take fewer sick days, are more productive in the office, and tend to act as brand ambassadors for the company's strategic initiatives.

So it's no coincidence that as a Talent Brand Planner, I'd be interested in Employee Engagement and the Employee Experience. Culture-fit, great management and belief in the organization's mission are the table stakes, but what else does employee engagement encompass? We think it includes things like:


  • Developing a high-performance culture that fosters a high-level of employee commitment
  • Differentiating your compensation and offerings to better attract and retain talent with culture as a key driver
  • Developing future leaders by mentoring high-potential employees
  • Creating a robust total rewards package that recognizes efforts, experience and contributions