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Competitive Solutions Inc Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Phone: +1-770-667-9071


Competitive Solutions Inc. CSI is an international consulting software firm serving Fortune 500 companies around the globe since 1991. Our transformation platforms of Process-Based Leadership, PBL, PBL ScoreCard and Leadership GPS have been the solutions-of-choice in Alcon, Genentech, Abbott, DOD, Pfizer, Harley-Davidson, Roche, Kroger, 3M, Kellogg's and Gilead. CSI's proven capabilities around Colleague Engagement, Robust and Sustainable Metrics that Matter, Visible and Personal Accountability Systems and Communication Cadences that actually move the business forward have made us the consulting partner of choice in the Manufacturing Industries. Our simple and sustainable turnkey solutions leave nothing to chance and provide even the most advanced organization ideas and suggestions for simplification, continuous improvement, and most importantly, bottom line impact.