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JourneyLabs Inc Winter Springs, FL, USA

Phone: +1-321-221-1009


JourneyLabs helps organizations that deliver value through high-touch, proprietary products and services to better personalize, automate and scale their delivery at a reduced cost coupled with improved outcomes. Organizations can express processes as “Journeys” on the JourneyLabs Platform to minimize gaps in engagement, increase personalization and improve situational responsiveness for their clientele. The proprietary cloud and mobile platform optimizes enhanced information collection to enable custom, responsive action as well as long-term relationship analytics. The JourneyLabs team is over 30 people strong across two continents. JourneyLabs’s partners build and offer internal and external industry solutions in healthcare, the workplace, public safety, non-profit entities and IT. Current partner projects include applications in behavioral health, orthopaedics, sales process control, military veteran transitions, patient self-advocacy, education, respiratory, employee “hire-to-retire” management, public safety and others.