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Humans are biologically conditioned to be biased, and whilst biases themselves aren't always right or wrong they can often result in unfair decisions.

Bias can creep into all areas of work, but can have serious implications in more high stake situations such as performance reviews, and even with the best intentions, managers inevitably bring bias into the performance management process.

We will explore what organizations can do to ensure their performance review processes are as bias-free as possible.

What you'll learn:

  • What do we mean by bias?
  • The impact of bias in performance reviews
  • Common biases and how to overcome them

Many organizations are embracing the reality that hybrid, flexible work arrangements are the path forward. These new ways of working are presenting real challenges for some traditional HR systems, forcing them to innovate. And new technology tools are emerging seemingly weekly to support distributed and remote collaboration and teamwork.

This month, our conversation will focus on the role the HR Technology tools can play in enabling a hybrid workforce. We’ll also explore how HR tech products are evolving to support the recent evolution of work and who’s leading the way. Jason is joined this month by Steve Boese, Chair of the HR Technology Conference, Tech Editor for Human Resources Executive Magazine, and Co-host of the HR Happy Hour podcast.

Career development matters to employees even more than before. It comes up frequently in performance reviews, engagement survey results, and developmental 1 on 1 conversation with their managers. However, it is up to organizations to integrate career development into today's performance strategy and process.

During this webinar, we will discuss the foundational elements needed for a successful career development strategy, how to improve the measurement of your performance management process, and how 360s and skills coaching can drive development.

What to expect:

  • The underlying strategy of a high-impact career development process
  • What are the recommended components?
  • How to measure and report on your process outcomes

Organizations facing a new normal of ongoing uncertainty have moved quickly to react and keep employees productive and focused via employee engagement. Yet, this reactivity has created processes that may be surveying employees, but not providing accurate data, or a way to create meaningful connections. Virtual happy hours and endless surveys aren’t the answer to employee engagement.

What is? A research-backed and proactive strategy that is designed to increase employee engagement no matter where your employees sit, or what outside factors they may be facing so your organization, and your people can thrive.

In this virtual seminar led by Amy Leschke-Kahle, Vice President of Performance Acceleration, The Marcus Buckingham Company, an ADP Company, you will learn simple actions designed to serve in any environment. Notably, that will take you through uncertain times and beyond.

During this session, you will discover:

  1. 8 carefully constructed and tested questions needed for accurate data on employee engagement.
  2. Once you have the right questions, who you should ask and why.
  3. What is the right action to take to create meaningful connection and move the needle on engagement, not just measure it.

Creating a positive employee experience was challenging even when employees spent most of their time together in physical workspaces. In our new hybrid world of work, the “workplace” might include people’s homes, coffee shops, coworking spaces, RV’s, and corporate offices. Shaping this new employee experience in a positive way is one of the greatest design challenges HR has ever faced.

To help us get our arms around it is this month’s guest, Damon Deaner, Director of Employee Experience & Design, IBM Talent Transformation. We will discuss how he applies human-centered design, and design thinking approaches to craft engaging employee journeys for IBM and their clients. You’ll learn about design, how design processes work, and get some expert advice on how to start applying design to your own employee experience work.

The past year can be summed up in one word: DISRUPTION. Seemingly overnight, the way we work and live was upended, and we are still sorting out what it all means today and for the future. The reality we must face is that disruption isn’t going anywhere. Fortunately, humans have a natural capacity for agility that can be developed to help us not just survive, but thrive amidst the disruption.

This month’s guest is Henna Inam, author of Wired for Disruption: The Five Shifts in Agility to Lead in the Future of Work. Our conversation will explore what neuroscience research has revealed about how to cultivate our natural capacity for agility. We’ll talk about the five shifts in agility that will help us seize the opportunity to re-imagine and re-invent regardless of what disruption lies ahead. And we’ll talk about what steps to take now to position yourself to lead in the future of work.

The last 12 months have served as a reminder that while our employees may be out of sight, they can never be out of mind, and they must always be heard.

While employee engagement is about an individual’s commitment to doing the job they are paid for, employee experience is about the organization’s job to establish the conditions so great work is possible.

In this interactive session, Achievers’ David Bator will talk about the need for companies to consider a “Third Way” which incorporates balancing the needs of employees and managers to drive performance.

David will offer tactical, practical examples from customers on how to:

  • Get closer than ever to front-line employees
  • Empower managers to better give and receive feedback
  • Measure, manage and activate the employee experience in real-time
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