Restore Your Energy


  • David Lapin, Founder & CEO of Lapin, Scholar, Speaker, Columnist & Author

Have you recently taken leave and come back feeling as exhausted as before?

We are currently in the toughest phase of our pandemic experience. To explain, consider two different states of being: fatigue and depletion. Fatigue is when a muscle or the mind has been used almost to the point of failure and it requires rest to recuperate. Contrastingly, depletion is when our inner resources of energy have been drained—and this may have no connection to exertion. One can be depleted without feeling tired. And one can be tired without feeling depleted.

But here’s the problem: Because fatigue and depletion can feel the same, we often misdiagnose our condition. We think we are fatigued, so we rest. But in fact, we might be depleted, in which case no amount of rest will restore our inner resources. When we are depleted, we need restoration rather than rest or relaxation.

In this webcast, David Lapin shares:

  • how to determine whether you are fatigued or depleted,
  • how to treat both,
  • and how to restore yourself so that you can continue leading your teams with energy and inspiration.


All achieve Engagement webcasts are free and pre-approved for both HRCI and SHRM-CP credits, most are worth 1 credit hour. Live webcast attendees will be sent an email highlighting the credit codes and resources after the event. OnDemand viewers of the webcast will be able to find the credit codes and download resources at the conclusion of viewing the webcast.

Webcast Presenter
David Lapin
David Lapin is one of the world’s leading thinkers in the fields of leadership and business transformation.