Erin Lee

Erin is a global facilitator who optimizes organizations in the areas of leadership development, inclusion and diversity, women’s leadership, innovation, and emotional intelligence. Regardless of employee level, Erin takes a person-centric approach, which is built upon research and focuses on building and strengthening relationships to increase dialogue and collaboration for the purpose of driving innovation, performance and bottom-line growth for corporate, non-profit and government organizations.

As a consultant, Erin facilitates leadership and management training, inclusion and diversity sessions, as well as organizational and strategic planning retreats. She involves participants with interactive instruction, drawing upon their unique experiences and insights. While respecting individuality, Erin inspires trainees to collaborate, take action and change behavior and culture.

Erin was the Associate Director of the non-profit, The Everest Project, where she managed research for an unprecedented study on 392 women leading change and innovation in corporate America. After collaborating with executives and research teams, the study revealed powerful insights about the ways women lead in an era of hyper-transformation and disruption. Erin developed strong connections with corporate sponsors of the study, including Wal-Mart, Time Warner, Comcast, EY, Amgen and 3M.

Results and accomplishments

Facilitated sessions for over 10,000 participants in programs on diversity, inclusion, culture, unconscious bias and micro-inequities. Conducted multiple train-the-trainer institutes, and coached and onboarded new trainers for a variety of training modules. Developed customized content for P&G global rollout and led pilot training on inclusive leadership.

Collaborated with senior leadership of a non-profit organization to develop and conduct a board retreat, which resulted in increased board engagement, strategic prioritization and a 30% increase in early giving from board members.

Managed strategic innovation pilot for a Fortune 50 company to develop new customer engagement, marketing and product strategies. Improved collaboration, dismantled silos and inspired new external partnerships—including one with a leading multinational technology company.

Education and certification

Erin earned her California Teaching Credential at San Francisco State University and her BA in American Studies at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.