Josh Newman

Josh Newman has spent nearly a decade in HR avoiding subject matter expertise. He believes that true associate-centricity comes from thinking like a layman. Today, Josh leads Strategic Storytelling for the Global People Team at Walmart. What exactly is strategic storytelling, you might ask? At Walmart, it's crafting the story used to attract, retain, engage, and grow the best talent to win in the future. Rooted in behavior change and design thinking, strategic storytelling is a blend of organizational strategy, communications, and marketing.

Josh partners with Walmart's experts to influence associate behavior. He's articulated Walmart's global plan to upskill and reskill 2.2 million associates, developed the enterprise point-of-view on soft skills needed to succeed in the ‘future of work', and explained the need to change how Walmart works from the inside-out.

He's worked extensively on building Walmart's associate value proposition – telling the story of who Walmart is today and what the enterprise is working to become in the future (as an employer).

Previously, he held roles on Aon Hewitt's New Media team and Fidelity Investment's Workforce Consulting team. His highlights as a human capital consultant include: helping a large media organization transform the way they spoke to their employees about the total value of working there, and convincing a major financial institution to use a face-aging app to help their employees save more for retirement.