Craig Forman

Culture C

Craig Forman is the Founder of Culture C, LLC. As an experienced consultant, he helps organizations revolutionize their workplace culture. With almost two decades of experience in supporting hundreds of prominent organizations, Craig empowers company leaders to transform their organizations on multiple levels.

His data-informed approach allows senior leaders to pinpoint the fundamental issues within their company culture so they can correct ineffective patterns. Craig then teaches these leaders how to make data-driven decisions and build healthy workplace cultures where everyone is connected, motivated and engaged.

Helping the world work better by improving how we work is Craig’s professional mission. Working with both leaders and teams, he helps workplace communities examine their current challenges, develop broad-scale listening skills, and create consistent data collection procedures.

Craig understands data is essential to make informed decisions, create impactful cultural shifts, and drive engagement at every level. But the single act of collecting data doesn’t produce transformative results. It must be properly understood and leveraged to develop effective plans of action that center on the most impactful issues.

To help leaders gain clarity and unlock their team’s potential, Craig shows organizations how to interpret and mobilize their collected data. With these eye-opening insights, he enables leaders to actively engage with their teams and identify where shifts need to happen to build healthy, effective workplace cultures.

Craig then empowers leaders with techniques, skills, strategies and frameworks for successful cultural transformation. Through his vast experience, pragmatism and community-oriented approach, he energizes organizations to proactively address problems, evolve their mindsets and measurably create better places for everyone to work.

Craig began his career by serving in the Air Force as a linguist. He went on to earn his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Central Florida. 

Knowing his deep passion for people, Craig went on to work in higher education. From student retention coaching to partnership development, he helped institutions strengthen their communities.

To combine his love of human behavior with business and community, Craig earned his Master’s degree in Industrial and Organization Development from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. While working with companies like LinkedIn and Achievers, Craig supported numerous organizations across multiple industries to help them improve their workplaces.

Craig went on to join Culture Amp as a Lead People Scientist specializing in Organizational Culture Strategy. From supporting client strategies to providing tools to listen to employees at scale, Craig helped senior leaders think strategically about work culture and understand and use data to make informed decisions.

Craig is dedicated to uniting teams and bringing people together. From strengthening workplace culture to designing experiences and events, he focuses on building supportive communities that empower each other with knowledge.

Seen as a true thought leader at Culture Amp, Craig delved all things workplace culture. This included performance management, talent, DEI, and leadership and management. He became the Lead Experience Designer of Culture Amp’s Culture First global conference in 2018 and of consecutive conferences.

Thanks to high-caliber speakers, a community-focused atmosphere and informative content on workplace culture, the audiences of these conferences grew exponentially.

With the goal of providing more connective opportunities for this community, Craig designed, built and led Culture Amp’s award-winning Culture First community. This global community has now grown to over 100 chapters, focusing on supporting people to actively think about and take action toward creating a better world of work.

After six years as a Lead People Scientist at Culture Amp, Craig realized he could better support organization by directly offering his learnings. Launching his own consulting business, Culture C, LLC, he now helps organizations create better workplaces that support their teams’ engagement and overarching business objectives.

An Air Force veteran, Craig currently resides in the Bay Area in California with his spouse and two daughters. In his spare time, he enjoys playing guitar, attending live concerts and being out in nature.